Jewish Wedding and Agency


Is it true that in ancient Israel a groom was able to use a representative (for example a friend or a brother) in a wedding ceremony, if he himself was unable to attend it due to a journey or something like that?



  1. Sort of. It is possible with an agent, in a legal sense, to establish that two specific people have become husband and wife. This procedure is known as KIddushin – sanctification. For this step, according to Jewish Law it is possible to have an agent help accomplish this status. Of course, the widely accepted way to marry is for the bride and the groom to both be present under the wedding canopy.

    And, indeed, even if a person does Kiddushin with an agent, the couple may still not live together without a second step known as Nissuin. This second part is done nowadays at the time of the wedding, by the bride entering the Chupah where the groom stands waiting, and then the couple being secluded at the wedding hall for a number of minutes before the festive wedding meal and joyous dancing take over.

    Best wishes from the Team