Jewish Names: Is Adrian Hadrian?



I have a son named Adrian and someone told me that Hadrian was a Roman emperor who was suppressed the Jewish people in the past. Adrian does not a literal bad meaning, and it means sea and Adriatic. In addition, my son also have a Jewish name, Jacob.

My question is, should we change his name? Name changing has caused troubles and may have effects on his spirits.




  1. Hadrian was definitely a Roman emperor and he destroyed the Jewish rebellion led by Bar Kochba after the destruction of the Holy Temple. He also exiled the remaining Jews from Israel and razed the remnants of Jerusalem.

    And, if you would have called your son Hadrian, I would have suggested that perhaps it is not the most apt name for a good Jewish boy. However, according to my research, even though they are share the same roots, the name Adrian is not the same as the name Hadrian, and I do not think that you have anything whatsoever to be concerned about.

    Best wishes from the Team