Definition of the word “Toras”


Baruch HaShem. My question may seem too simple, but my mushpia and I have been reading through the Gutnick Chumash together. We did not come from observant backgrounds, though that has since changed, so we don’t have mastery of Hebrew. At one point, in reading the commentary, I asked her what the word “Toras” meant, as in the “Toras Menachem” section of commentary for each chapter. She did not know and we’ve tried to find information but have not found an answer. I would be very grateful if you could help us understand this term. Todah raba!



  1. Toras means the “Torah of”. For example, in Tehillim, 19:8, King David declares “Toras Hashem Temimah – the Torah of Hashem is perfect”. Therefore, Toras Menachem means the “Torah of Menachem”. Of course, this does refer to a “second Torah” since there is only one Torah. Rather, it refers to Torah commentaries and concepts that are explained in the writings of this author, presumably named Menachem.

    Best wishes from the Team