Isabella as a Name


Shalom. I named my daughter Isabella. In studying Hebrew, I have become concerned that her name does not mean what I had been told. I believed her name meant devoted to God. But I have since discovered that her name is the same as Jezebel איזבל I am getting several different interpretations of Jezebel, including island dwelling and the word dung -“zebul”. Is there another way to interpret her name, especially if I spell it in Hebrew differently using a shin? I have elementary Hebrew understanding at this point, but could not her name mean either “woman to God” or “salvation to God”? How would I spell it? אישהבעל או ישהבעל Also what alteration in meaning would occur to add ה to the end? One online translation interpreted Ishabela to mean “there is no God”! Which obviously I wish to avoid. Thank you!



  1. While it is true that there seems to be a cursory connection between the name Isabella and Jezebel, nevertheless, according to what I could ascertain, the name Isabella is Italian in origin and means “God is my oath,” which is very beautiful. Interestingly enough, it also seems to be connected to the name Elizabeth.

    Best wishes from the Team