Why Worship the God of Israel?


Hello, to whom it may concern. I understand that I am a Gentile. I have read some things in both the Torah and the Bible, and I have an important question. I was not born in Israel, thus, I am not, in reference, a “child of Israel”, and I would like an answer to the question: “As a Gentile, why worship the God of the Jews and/or the children of Israel?”, from a Jew who was born in Israel?



  1. The God of Israel is the God of the entire creation, and He is your God as much as He is my God. We are worshiping the same God. The only thing that differentiates us is that the Jewish Nation has greater responsibilities and obligations than the other nations of the world. That means that the method to worship God is different. For the Jews, it is much more involved, detailed and complex, but we are all supposed to be turning to the same God in supplication and beseeching Him for our needs and to bring tranquility to the world.

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