Is It Important to Have a Religion?


Rabbi, is it important to have a religion? Why?



  1. It is not just important – it is vital. But only a religion of truth. Because any other belief system will distort the truth and use it to further its own agenda at the expense of mankind.

    Why is it so vital? Because without a Divine definition of what is moral and what is ethical, society will create its own. That path is doomed to failure because morals and ethics that are defined by society are only applicable to that particular society and to the particular era that they were introduced. That means that what is moral and ethical in one society may not be moral or ethical in a neighboring society, and what is moral and ethical in one society may be deemed unethical and immoral in the same society a generation later.

    Divine morals and ethics, however, are unchanging and are applicable in every generation. They are untouched by social mores and they remain steadfast during the enormous social upheavals throughout history.

    Best wishes from the Team