Defending Orthodox Judaism


Sorry the last didn’t go through. I am asking how to convince non orthodox Jewish people that say Judaism is true but go to reform and conservative shuls I honestly don’t know how they live with themselves how to show them orthodoxy is true



  1. The very best way to convince anyone of the beauty and the truth of Orthodox Judaism is by exposing them to it. This could mean inviting them for Shabbat. Or offering to go with them to a Torah lecture. Or inviting them to come with you to a Shabbaton held by an outreach organization. Or, by inviting them to come with you to a “Hafrashat Challah” gathering. Or by offering to learn any Torah topic with them that they choose.

    There are endless opportunities to let others see just how majestic and beautiful Judaism is – it just requires the right approach and the right words.

    Best wishes from the Team