Seder as a Prospective Convert


Hello! I want to, and am serious about, converting but am unable to currently, mainly due to living situations. What should I do for the Seder this Pesach? I’m not able to access any near me, so should I join a virtual one? Should I have one by myself? I understand if I should not celebrate, but if I can, I would like to.



  1. While I empathize with your desire to experience a Seder, the Seder Night is a night that is primarily for Jews, as it defines our allegiance to God and our sense of eternal responsibility – to reveal God’s Majesty in this world.

    Subsequently, I would suggest that you not join a Seder (real or virtual). That does not mean that you cannot read through the Haggadah and enjoy the narrative and the commentaries that are often found together with the Haggadah.

    Best wishes from the Team