Passover Middle Days: Work or No Work?


Passover is coming. I know the fist two and last two days we are not to work etc. My question is during the intermediary days.

Is it better to not work on those days at all? I am a recruiter by profession and work on the computer all day and phone. Also drive to the office and sometimes write. Should I not work at all during the intermediary (middle) days of Passover or should I request to work remote during the middle days so I can still work but I don’t drive?

Thank you.



  1. It is permissible to work on the Intermediate Days of Passover, including driving and computer work and nearly everything else. Many people take all of Passover off in order to enjoy the holiness and the special atmosphere that Passover brings with it, but if it is not a viable option for you – you are not obligated to do so.

    Best wishes from the Team