Permitting for Myself


I was wondering about how rabbis function in one regard.


A rabbi is allowed to “mater” (permit) things in matters of of Jewish law. Like once a rabbi told me I could eat fish at a non-kosher restaurant with my family (who are not observant). He said I should have the fish double wrapped when cooked. It was a pressing matter.


I was wondering, though, if a rabbi is allowed to “mater ” and permit something for himself, or must he go to a different rabbi to get “matered” and permitted for him?



  1. It is absolutely permitted for someone who is an expert in Jewish law (halacha) to rule for himself, both leniently and stringently. However, what is true is that one has to be aware of one’s own personal bias and be certain that he is not influenced by it in the decision-making process.

    Best wishes from the Team