Doing Teshuva


Dear Rabbi,
With the current war that Israel is fighting, I hear a lot of talk about teshuva. What does it mean and who is it for?



  1. The word teshuva means return and refers to changing one’s ways for better. The change can be large or small. Even the tiniest change towards traditional Jewish practice is called doing teshuva.

    Teshuva is not only for religious people who err. It is also for a person from a non-traditional home who decides to check out traditional ways of Judaism.

    Teshuva is vital for our existence, an indispensable factor in the final redemption and it is one of the greatest kindnesses God has given us.

    The Torah promised the Jewish People that not only will they repent in the end of days, but that they will also merit Divine assistance in their repentance. Amen.

    Best wishes from the Team