Aleph-Tav: A Special Relationship With God?


1 Chronicles 8:9: sons of Shacharayim with wife Chodesh

Yud~Vav~Bet~Bet – Yowbab – “a desert”

Tzaddi~Bet~Yud~Aleph Tsibya – “roe”

Mem~Yud~Shin~Aleph Meysha – “freedom”

Mem~Lamed~Kaf~Mem Malkam – “their great king”

I see that the letters Vav~Aleph~Tav connect each of the names .

What’s significant about the Aleph~Tav ?

Does Aleph~Tav clarify something?

I’ve noticed in other passages of Scripture when naming descendants or persons, Aleph~Tav isn’t used.

Does Aleph~Tav denote a special relationship with G-d?

Curious to know.



  1. The letters aleph with tav do not denote a closeness to God.
    The word these letters spell can mean either “you” in the feminine, or “together.”

    Best wishes from the Team