Gopher Wood: Harbinger of Judgment?


The letters Gimmel~Pei~Resh spell “gopher,” which is the specified wood for Noah’s ark.

The letters Gimmel~Resh~Pei spell “garaph,” which is a verb meaning to bear off violently or to sweep away.

The letters Pei~Gimmel~Resh spell “peger,” which is a dead body, a corpse

It seems that “gopher” wood seems to signify peril and impending destruction.

Rabbi: Are the “holy” letters that compose Hebrew words “Divine” harbingers?




  1. The Hebrew letters are holy and imbued with great meaning. Each letter has its own essence, and when they are put together, they spell out the essence of whatever they are describing.

    Having said that, I am not familiar with a source that suggests that the type of wood used for Noah’s ark had a hidden meaning to it.

    Best wishes from the Team