Moses’ Passing and Length of Adar


Moses died on the seventh of Adar. The Talmud proves this as follows-
1. In Deuteronomy 34:8 we read that the Jews mourned for thirty days following Moses’ death.

2. The book of Joshua begins with G‑d’s command to bring the Jewish people across the Jordan River. G‑d specifies that they are to cross in three days time. This instruction was given immediately after Moses died, meaning at the earliest possible opportunity after his death.
This would have been following the thirty days of mourning.

3. In Joshua 4:19 we are told that the Jews crossed the river on the tenth of Nissan.

If we subtract the three days between the command and actual crossing, plus the thirty days of mourning, we find the date of Moses’ passing is the seventh of Adar.

Your answer to one of my previous questions was that the month of ADAR always has 29 days, except when there are two months of Adar, then the first one always has 30 days.

My understanding is that Sheloshim for 30 days starts after burial.
Am I correct that Moses died and was buried on the same day?
Did the Jews start mourning for Moses on the same day as he died?




  1. Please allow me to clear up a slight misunderstanding. According to the calendar that we have the month of Adar always has thirty days – both when there is only one Adar and when there are two. However, in the time prior to the when the calendar was fixed each month had the potential to be either twenty-nine days long or thirty days long depending on the eye-witnesses testimony about the new moon. That means that the month of Adar that Moses died in could have been only twenty-nine days long.

    In all events, Moses was buried by God on the day that he died and the thirty days commenced immediately.

    Best wishes from the Team

  2. 1. I do not understand your answer that “according to the calendar, the month of Adar always has 30 days”.

    2. In 2018 (Hebrew year 5778), ADAR had 29 days.

    3. Answer to my AsktheRabbi Question – Home/ Hebrew Months

    You stated the following-
    Adar – 29 days (when there are two months of Adar the first one always has 30 days)

  3. 1. I apologize what I wrote was incorrect. I managed to confuse myself because Rosh Chodesh Adar is always two days regardless of whether it is Adar Rishon or Adar Sheni. When there is only one Adar it is twenty-nine days long.When there are two Adars the first Adar is thirty days long and the second Adar is twenty-nine days long.

    Best wishes from the Team