Organ Farming


I have heard of a new and emerging medical technology called organ farming. There are many people across the world who die every day due to the shortage of organs.

Organ farming is where a genetically manipulated cow or pig (mostly a pig) is implanted with an embryo has been changed to have some human stem cells, so that the animal they give birth to is a pig but with say, a human liver. This organ would also have a better chance at lasting in the persons body, as the stem cell would come from the human who needs the liver.

I am interested in what the Jewish perspective would be on this medical technology, and if it is accepted as a possible option for a Jew who urgently needs an organ.



  1. I do not think that there is any problem whatsoever to use such organs. Pig valves have been used for heart surgery for many years already and the Halachic authorities ruled that they are absolutely permissible to use.

    Best wishes from the Team