Mishloach Manot to a Mourner


I have always understood that a person who has lost a parent within the past year is not supposed to receive Mishloach Manot.
There is a single middle aged woman on my block who lives by herself. She is a non-observant Jew who knows almost nothing about Judaism or holidays. I am not a close friend of her because she mostly keeps to herself. But I have given her a Mishloach Manot every year I have lived here and it has always made her happy.

Less than a year ago, she lost her mother to old age. Her mother was the person she was closest to and now she is crushed. I don’t see her often, but when I do, I can tell she is quite depressed. Common sense tells me depriving her of her annual Mishloach Manot just when she is grieving would be cruel. Regardless of this law, I just cannot see myself following it when it’ll only upset her as she is going through a rough time.


What is the proper thing to do?



  1. Even though you are correct that one does not send Mishloach Manot to a mourner, nevertheless, in this case you should send to her. I am absolutely sure that your Mishloach Manot will warm her heart and let her know that there are people who care for her and worry about her well-being.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team