Megillah Reading by a Woman


I have some hearing loss that causes me not to hear the pitch of male voices clearly. But I can still hear female voices very well unassisted. My audiologist explained this to me well. I am in the process of acquiring a hearing aid that will correct the problem, but it takes several weeks to order and I won’t get it by Purim. There are women’s megillah readings in town open equally to men and women. Can I fulfill the mitzvah of hearing a megillah reading by listening to a woman read it?



  1. It is forbidden for a man to listen to a woman singing (or leining) unless the woman is a either your wife, daughter or unmarried sister. Due to your particular circumstances, I would suggest that you arrange for a young boy just over Bar Mitzvah age to lein the Megillah for you, as his voice will not yet have broken and you will be able to hear him clearly.

    Best wishes from the Team