Meaning of “Amen Sela”


After counting the omer each night, there is a short prayer HaRachaman Hu Yachazir Lanu Avodat Beit HaMikdash Limkomo Bimheira Be’yameinu. Amein Selah

Amen is the usual ending of a prayer. Why is the additional word selah necessary?
What is the meaning of “Amein Selah”?
What do the two words together mean versus each word separately?


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  1. The word Sela is almost impossible to translate! According to the Targum it means “forever”, this view is supported in the Talmud, Tractate Eruvin 54a. The Ibn Ezra states that the word Sela is always a reaffirmation of the statement that immediately precedes it. He is of the opinion that the word is, in fact, an instruction to the Leviim who sang the Psalms. That is why, in the Torah, it appears only in the Book of Tehillim and three times in the Habakuk (who uses a style that is very similar to that found in Tehillim).

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