Praying in a Non-Orthodox Synagogue


I know from some answers I’ve seen on this site to some questions others have asked that one is not supposed to pray in a non-orthodox congregation. But suppose someone does, have they fulfilled the mitzvah of having prayed with a tzibor? For example, if one is in his year of mourning and recites kaddish in a non-orthodox congregation, has he fulfilled his obligation to say kaddish? If one hears the shofar blown in a non-orthodox congregation, has he fulfilled the mitzvah of listening to the shofar?



  1. Reform and Conservative temples do not have the sanctity of a synagogue since their design, prayers and services do not conform to Jewish Law. Rav Moshe Feinstein forbids attending a temple at the time of prayer, see Igrot Moshe, Even Haezer 2:17. Subsequently, one would not fulfil one’s obligation by praying in such a place.

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