Avinu Malkenu on Shabbat


I went to a different synagogue this Shabbat than I usually do. At this synagogue they recited Avinu Malkenu on Shabbat. They announced they were doing it because of the hostages in Gaza. What makes the recitation of Avinu Malkenu permitted on Shabbat? Under normal circumstances, Avinu Malkenu is never recited on Shabbat except for Yom Kippur Neilah.



  1. Under normal circumstances Avinu Malkeinu is not recited on Shabbat. The reason that it is not normally said is because it is a prayer that was composed for Fast Days and other joy-less days. There are some communities that have instituted reciting Avinu Malkeinu because of the terrible war that the Jewish Nation is currently fighting. Each community should act according to the ruling of their Rabbi.

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