Losing Faith: What To Do?


During bad times (financial loss, debt, delayed marriage, death of beloved ones etc.) if one lost his faith in God due to suffering (because he may think God does not listen his prayer) – what he should do? Thanks.



  1. He should continue to pray. God listens to every single prayer – our mistake is that we imagine that God must answer every single one of our prayers in the way that we want it answered. That is absolutely the wrong approach. God is not beholden to give us what we pray for simply because we asked for it. It is God’s prerogative to say “No” when He feels that what we are asking for is detrimental to us at the moment we asking for it. If a person does not internalize and understand this fundamental concept of prayer, they are going to find themselves continuously feeling frustrated and upset with God, which can be a cause for losing faith in God.

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