Divine Providence and Visualization


Shalom rabbi,

I read a book on bitachon. It said that if a man believes in own abilities then the divine Providence will be taken away from him. I have very low self esteem. I am reprogramming my subconscious mind with a book. If I reprogram my subconscious mind, immediately my reality will change. I have difficulty understanding the divine Providence. I also have other subconscious blocks. I should change myself with certain practices like visualization. If I visualize, I visualize in the present. Am I believing my own abilities and ignoring divine Providence if I follow visualization and changing self image? I have guilt everytime I follow visualization. Should I stop changing by subconscious mind and believe in Hashem and pray to him? Or should I practice reprogramming subconscious mind and believe in Hashem at the same time. The latter is causing guilt in me. Please help me. Thank you



  1. “All” you need to do to make Hashem a partner in your endeavors to nurture your self-esteem is allow yourself to know that Hashem is with you at all times. Even when you are going through the process of visualizing and it might be possible to think that you are doing it alone – it is not true. Rather, Hashem is with you as you visualize and He becomes an integral part of the process that will, b’Ezras Hashem, bring you to a healthier and more contented place.

    Please accept my Brachah that you are successful in all your endeavors.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team