Amalek Ideology


I had embraced the ideology which is very similar to the philosophy of Amalek for 2 years in early 20’s. There is no God, everything happens coincidently, morality is relative, and so on. I only recently knew that those ideas are very disgusting in the eye of HaShem. I really didn’t know that that’s so harmful. Now I firmly believe that HaShem runs the world, and there is the Divine purpose behind everything. What shall I do to be forgiven for my sin of believing philosophy of Amalek? What shall I do?



  1. By connecting yourself so completely to Hashem you have proved in the most conclusive way possible that you have left the ideology of Amalek. According to Rebbeinu Yonah the most compelling Teshuvah is when a person is absolutely careful not to do whatever it was that they were doing. In your case you are extremely fortunate that it is your actions, themselves, your belief in Hashem and your Mitzvah observance, that show that you have left everything behind.

    Best wishes from the Team