Is Yud-Vav Also YHVH?


There are certain words that begin with Yud~Vav.

When is Yud~Vav as YHVH?

Yud~Vav~Aleph~Bet Yoav — “YHVH is Father”

Yud~Vav~Aleph~Chet as Yoach — ” YHVH is brother”

Yud~Vav~Aleph~Lamed as Yoel — ” YHVH” is G-d ”

Yud~Vav~Aleph~Shin as Yoash — ” given by the Lord” (?)

Yud~Vav~Bet as (I)Yov — ” persecuted ” (?)

When does letter Yud become “he”?

Thanks for clarifying all this.



  1. I apologize but I am not sure that I understand what you are asking.

    Best wishes from the Team

  2. Shalom Rabbi. Is Yud~Vav as the first letters in a word short for YHVH?