Greedy Goats, Wealth and Happiness


Ayin~Shin~Yud~Resh – “a’shir” means “rich, wealthy”

Shin~Ayin~Yud ~Resh ” – “sa’ar” means hairy, shaggy, buck, he-goat

Shin~Ayin~Yud~Resh – “Se’ir” means the “hairy”or “shaggy” patriarch of “Chorites,” the inhabitants of Edom before the descendants of Esav

The words: “a’shir” as rich, and “sa’ir”as he-goat, and” Se’ir” as hairy Choriy Edom Esav

all share the same ” letters of light.”

Are the “wealthy”as Esav “greedy” goats? Do riches sever the soul from sacredness?

These words seem to imply that silver and gold “ensnare” one’s soul.

So, is having enough sufficient enough?



  1. Goats are hairy, which is why they share the same letters. Eisav was born hairy and he lived in the land of Seir, but that does not mean that there is any particular connection between Eisav and goats.

    In any event, Judaism teaches that too much material wealth is not normally a good thing. Money – especially an awful lot of money – has the habit of getting in between the person and God and causing a feeling of being less connected.

    Best wishes from the Team