Exodus 15:25 – Bitter Waters Made Sweet


Shalom Rabbi.

In Exodus 15:25, Moshe cried unto Hashem and Hashem “showed” him a tree. Moshe cast a “tree” into “bitter waters” and the waters were made “sweet”.

Torah is a “Tree of Eternal Life”. Torah is honeycomb sweet. Could the tree Moshe cast into bitter waters “symbolize” Torah?

Life issues are murky bitter waters we’re often unable to drink. Torah is quintessential purified water. Every eternal living soul should drink it daily. Amen



  1. Yours is truly a beautiful idea and one that can be found in the writings of the “Ba’alei Mussar” (great Rabbis with special talents for teaching Torah ethics and how to implement positive character changes)!

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team