Eating Kosher


Shalom rabbi, it is necessary for a Jew to eat kosher and avoid non kosher food. So, rabbi, outside of Jerusalem there are many non-Jews and they may not know what is kosher. In this situation, can a Jew live on fruits and cooked vegetables?



  1. It is an obligation for every Jew to eat only Kosher food that has been prepared in a Kosher way. The Laws of Kosher and how to eat only Kosher are complex and detailed. I would suggest that you go to a site like and search for “Kosher Kitchen” to see what books in English are available that can help a person understand how to eat only Kosher.

    In general, all fruits and vegetables are Kosher to eat. However, if the fruits and/or vegetables are cooked, they can be rendered not Kosher if they were cooked in non-Kosher utensils.

    Best wishes from the Team

  2. So it is better that jewish person should live on fruits in non jewish area.