Kashering Treif Cutlery In Kosher Pot


Hi Rabbi,

I was attempting to kasher 2 kosher knives that had accidentally become treif in a pot, after waiting the requisite 24 hours and 2 boilings in the pot, but once I put the knives in the pot, I saw that the pot was too small to fit both knives.

My question is now is there a problem with the pot now that had it had treif in it with hot water, or is it fine because the knives were clean and hadn’t been used for 24 hours? On top of that, is there any board rules about kashering in a pot I should know?

With many thanks and appreciation.



  1. No, there is no problem at all. Just as an aside, there is no need for two boilings. It is sufficient to only have one time.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team