Dalet~Bet~Resh spells ” dabar” (verb) to arrange,declare,subdue, lead away,put to flight Dalet~Bet~Resh spells “deber” murrian, pestilence Dalet~Bet~Resh spells ” “dober “fold, pasture The meanings of these “words” are in Mem~Bet~Dalet~Resh. “midbar ” means desert, pasture,mouth,speech wilderness Bet~Resh~Dalet verb spells “barad” to hail ( of God’s judgment) Bet~Resh~Dalet also spells “barod”spotted Resh~Bet~Dalet verb spells rabad to spread,scatter Resh~Dalet~Mem verb spells radam be asleep, cast dead, unconscious sleep Mem~Resh~Dalet verb spells marad to rebel,against G-d, against light, human king.I surmise that when in the “wilderness” of life, oftentimes deber “pestilence” barad “hail” storms come. These awful events can cause marad “rebellion” against G-d, Our thoughts are rabad “scattered” and we doubt G-d. Those devoid of “torah” radam “sleep” grope,stumble in the daytime as if it were night. However,we must dabar speak,command, declare decree,put to flight with the “divine” utterances of G-d. Psalm 5:9 Their is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is very wickedness;their throat is an open sepulchre; they flatter with their tongue. Words create or annihilate. Rabbi do you agree?



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