Confronting the War Against Hamas


What should be the best to do if I am surrounded be people who are not Jewish, they are insulting me and telling me horrible thing about Israel and Jewish people. What should I do in that situation, defend myself, my people and my country or just ignore them?



  1. If you feel that they might listen to you, I would suggest that you send them the videos of what Hamas did. Their barbarism and butchery are all recorded. Their inhuman, bestial actions are impossible to justify – except for when it comes to murdering Jews. Send them the photos of the more than two hundred and forty babies, children, women, men and the elderly who they kidnapped. The babies need formula that they, presumably, are not receiving. There are many among the kidnapped who need the medication that they are not receiving.

    Of course, those who do not want to be confronted with the truth, simply ignore it and continue parroting the lies and the completely implausible “explanations” as to why what Hamas did was either acceptable or that it is all an Israeli fabrication. For people like them, there is nothing to say. They are so blinded by their own personal hatred of Jews and Israel and/or by the absurd narrative hawked by the liberal media who can’t even stop long enough to even wonder if what they are writing or pontificating about even makes any sense, that they will not look or think objectively about anything that has the word Jew or Israel in it.

    If you are concerned that the people you are surrounded by will not take kindly to your disagreeing with their world outlook and with your trying to show them that they are wrong, and you are fearful that it may cause them to turn on you – either physically or in other ways – then you should err on the side of caution and be very careful not to antagonize them in a way that might cause yourself any harm.

    Best wishes from the Team