Support for Israel


Hello Rabbi,

I am a Christian, and as such I am commanded by God to support Israel. I live in a small town with no synagogues or Jewish community centers and all I have to donate is my time and energy, as my finances are spoken for before I get them, is there anyway a gentile like myself can show support for Israel? I’m a pretty crafty guy as I can sew, crochet, knit, cross stitch, and design patterns for these kinds of projects. If you can think of anything that might be helpful please let me know.



SGT. U.S. Army (Ret)



  1. Please accept my personal blessing that God shower you with goodness for your empathy and your caring.

    Personally, I would suggest that you try running a search to see what might come up. I am sure that there are sites that are collecting all kinds of things to send to Israel – perhaps you can use your creative talents to make blankets for those in need in Israel due to the war.

    In any event, there is one thing that always helps – heartfelt and sincere prayer to God.

    Best wishes from the Team