Supporting Terrorism


I, in fact, don’t know anyone that supports Hamas since i only have contact with my Jewish community, but if i ever made contact with someone who supports Palestine/Hamas, how could i convince them that it is wrong?



  1. How immeasurably sad it is that people who regard themselves as intellectually honest are prepared to be as intellectually dishonest as one can get when it comes to the State of Israel and the Jews. The photographic evidence is undeniable. The eye-witness accounts of the barbaric murders of men, women and children are impossible to ignore. The too-ample evidence of the beheadings and the mutilations and the burnings are impossible to ignore.

    Perhaps, speaking to someone who has a loved one currently being held hostage in Gaza might help them see the truth. Perhaps, coming to Israel to visit some of the one thousand four hundred families who buried a loved one – or, in many cases, loved ones – might change their minds. Perhaps, coming face-to-face with fresh graves of entire families who were wiped out in the barbarism might speak to their hearts. But, of course, I am being unrealistic and hopelessly optimistic. Because when it comes to Israel and the Jews, the truth has never bothered them in the past, and there is no reason to imagine that it will bother them this time either.

    With regards to your specific question, there is nothing I can tell you that is going to change anyone’s mind. Even if they were prepared to view the videos that are circulating and show the extent of Hamas’ barbarism, I don’t think it will help. However sad this may sound, I don’t really see a real option for you to convince anyone that they are being fed lies. Perhaps even sadder is that some people are not even open to possibility that there might be a different narrative to the one they have swallowed.

    Best wishes from the Team