Basic and Important Questions


Dear Rabbi,

I apologize for asking such basic questions, but I hope you don’t mind answering them. Who is God and what is the purpose of Mankind?




  1. No need to apologize. No question is too basic. Every question is a good question if it is asked with sincere desire for knowledge and understanding.

    God is the creator and the sustainer of the world and everything in the Creation. He not only sustains our world but He also sustains each and every one of us on a continual basis.

    The purpose of Mankind is to do the Will of God. For Jews, this means to learn and live by the holy Torah that He gave us at Mount Sinai. For non-Jews, this means to live a life according to the Seven Noahide Laws.

    And for everyone it means that we should all try our best to live moral and ethical lives that reflect the Divinity within each of us. In particular, it means to be kind and thoughtful to everyone around us.

    Best wishes from the Team