Assorted Questions about Standing for Prayer


HI am a female in my twenties and haven some question regarding standing during certain parts of prayers. 1. What is the reason for standing during some parts of the prayers? 2. Are women obligated to stand in Shul at certain parts of the prayer? 3. Is it considered transgressing when everyone stands and you sit? 4. Is the obligation to stand different at home and in shul? 5. Does it make a difference if you need to stand, if theres a mechitza in shul and you cant see the ark?
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  1. During certain parts of the prayer service one should envision oneself as actually being in the King of kings palace, in His presence – and stand in order to show the required honor. The general rule of thumb is that prayers that are considered to be more “weighty” are normally stood for. As well as that, one should stand when the Holy Ark is opened and the Sifrei Torah are taken out.

    Do you need to stand? It would be correct for you to stand for the parts of the prayers that the congregation stands for. And for most of them you should stand even when you are alone at home. So, as a simple example, the Amidah should be recited standing up – regardless of whether you are at home or in Shul.

    Do you have to stand when the Sifrei Torah are taken out of the Holy Ark? That is an interesting question because, according to the simple understanding of the Halacha, the Ezras Nashim is a separate domain and there is no obligation to stand. However, because not to do so may be misconstrued by others as being disrespectful by others, it would be correct to stand anyway.

    Best wishes from the Team