Prayer for a Good Wife


Is there any prayer to get a good wife? If there is any Pslam for that, please mention its number.

5 months


  1. In general, the following chapters of Psalms are considered to be very effective for finding a marriage partner: 32, 38, 70, 71, 72, 82, 121 and 124. However, I would recommend that a person recite whichever chapters speak to them and that they feel a connection to and then let the astonishingly poignant and beautiful words come out of their hearts and their mouths and let them soar up to God.

    There is also a short prayer that is popular: May it be Your will, God, our Father, King of the Universe, that I find my true marriage partner without difficulties of any kind. Guide and lead us to each other and open our eyes and hearts to make the right decision.

    Best wishes from the Team