What Was Given at Mount Sinai


Was the full Torah that is written in the scroll today (The Five Books of Moses) given at Mt. Sinai? Or were just the Ten Commandments and previous events given to Moses and all the Jewish people there with the rest to come later?

As we know, most of the Torah tells about events that occurred after Mt. Sinai. If the full Torah was given at Mt. Sinai, that means that everyone, including Moses, Aaron, and the entire nation would know in advance of their own actions and how they would behave, which could affect their own behavior.

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  1. The Ten Commandments were given on Sinai. According to most opinions Moses was taught all of the Commandments whilst he was on Sinai but they were only given over to the Jewish Nation when God instructed him to do so over the forty years that the Jewish People were travelling through the desert. According to most of the commentators, the last day of Moses’ life was the day that the Torah was finally written down.

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