Differences in the Ten Commandments


The text of the 10 commandments differs in parshas Yisro and Eschanan.

What are the accepted explanations for the differences. Which text was actually written on the luchos? Is there an opinion that 1 was the text on the 1st luchos and the other on the 2nd luchos?


Another question. I know several people who passed away without children – distant relatives and friends. Is there any inyan for me to light a yarhzeit light for them on their yarhzeit or is it only for the children to do?

Many thanks



  1. Our Sages teach that there were subtle but extremely fundamental differences between the first Luchos and the second Luchos. The differences reflect the change in the relationship between Hashem and the Jewish Nation after the sin of the Golden Calf. Before the sin, the Jewish Nation was connected to Hashem in a less “formal,” more “gentle” way. After the sin, it became a more defined relationship. Those subtle nuances are revealed through the slight differences between the first and the second Luchos.

    If your own parents are no longer among the living, it is definitely a positive and kind thing to do to light a Yahrzeit candle for those who do not have any relatives to do it for them. If, however, your parents are still alive, it would be correct to ask their permission first and to make sure that they have no objections.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team