Vegetarian Kosher


Is all vegetarian food kosher?



  1. One might think so, since vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and the like are all kosher.
    But it is very much advised to have kosher supervision for vegetarian food for at least a few reasons.

    If the food is processed, it may contain an amount of a non-kosher additive of some sort that is not listed in the ingredients.

    Also, the machinery use to process the food may be in use also for the production of non-kosher foods as well at a different production run – and may render the kosher for as not kosher under certain conditions (think the idea of warnings that a product may contain a small amount of peanut foodstuff, a common warning for those allergic to peanuts).

    The fruits of vegetables may have come from Israel and be obligated in the laws of Terumah and Maaser before being permitted to eat.

    If fruits or nuts, they may be from the first three years of the tree’s growth in that place, and would be forbidden according to the rules of Orlah.

    I hope this is helpful and suggest you check with a local Orthodox Rabbi about any specific food, especially if it is produced locally and can be checked out easily.

    Best wishes from the Team

  2. In jerusalem from where I can buy cooked kosher food?(if I go there).Could you please suggest me any place?