Torah Reading Location in Scroll


Usually we read from the same Torah each week. When the Torah is opened the following week, we are at the correct point for the current parasha.

If a different Torah needs to be taken out to read the current parasha, it probably will not open to the correct section. Therefore, the Torah needs to be scrolled until the correct place is located.

Since the Torah has no vowels, no trope, no chapter/verse numbers,
how does the Torah reader know when he/she has reached the right spot?




  1. It can certainly be tricky!

    Someone who is an experienced Torah Reader will recognize the different portions as they scroll through them. They will also be aware of where, approximately, the correct Torah Reading should be, which means that they can scroll pretty quickly until they get to the general area where the Torah Reading will be found. At that point, they will slow down and keep a sharp lookout for where they need to be.

    If the Torah Reader is not experienced, the one who helps him roll the Sefer Torah should have a Chumash with him so that they can work out, more or less, where the Torah needs to be. Once they are in the right approximate location, they will need to be extra vigilant to make sure that they get to the right place.

    Best wishes from the Team

  2. How does the Torah Reader recognize the different portions as they scroll through them?
    Is he looking for parasha name which is usually within the first few words?

  3. Yes, as a rule that is what he will do. The new Parshiot start with a gap at least the length of four words which makes it a little easier to work out where the Sefer Torah is at any one given moment. But, as I said before, a real pro is familiar with the layout of the Sefer Torah and there are all kinds of “tell-tale signs” that makes it clear to him when rolling the Torah where he is.

    Best wishes from the Team