Offering the Torah to the World


So the Torah was offered to all the nations of the world. How did G-d communicate this offer to the other nations, and how in turn did the other nations communicate their rejection? Seemingly they weren’t having back-and-forth conversations with G-d in the same way humans talk to each other. And so many nations did not even believe He existed.



  1. The Talmud relates that the nations of the world rejected Hashem’s offer because of their inability to accept everything that was in it.

    How did the “conversation” take place? I am not sure but Hashem can do anything and He could have communicated in any way that He wanted that He deemed fair for them. Although each nation had a special angel, and that angel may have been the messenger to present the offer of the Torah to them, I believe that based on the verses and for the offer to be seen as truly the word of Hashem, He communicated with them directly.

    Best wishes from the Team