The Future of the Evil Inclination


My view of the adversary is in line with Judaism. This is, of course, is a 180 from how I grew up in a Christian faith… which I no longer follow any more.

I share many videos of Rabbi’s with my mom, and she would like to know what will come of the adversary, in the coming age of peace.

I hope my question makes sense, and thanks in advance.
(name withheld)

2 years


  1. The Sages teach that at the End of Days the Evil Inclination will be slaughtered by God in front of the masses. The Talmud teaches that the righteous will see the Evil Inclination as an enormous hurdle that was almost impossible to overcome and the wicked will see the Evil Inclination as tiny thing that should not have caused them any problems to overcome. The Rabbis explain that the Talmud is teaching us that the Evil Inclination is as big or as small as we allow it to be in our lives.

    Best wishes from the Team