Messenger of Elijah



I have a friend who believes that a messenger from the Prophet Elijah is among us today; They give reasons from the Bible.

Since you are familiar with the Tanach, I ask you to answer the following text so that I can have an answer. If it is possible for you, write a detailed answer.

“The messenger of Elijah the Prophet, Ahmed Alhasen has emerged!

The very “BRANCH” that originates from Jesse through rod (cf. Isaiah 11:1).

The one who comes from “BASRA” (ref. Isaiah 63:1) and his nickname, ISREAL, is mentioned in the book of Isaiah (ref. Isaiah 49:3).

The very servant upon whom the Spirit of God is placed (ref. Isaiah 42:1).

The very “stone” that the king of Babylon (Iraq) saw in his vision and will come to Iraq in the end times (Daniel 2:31-45).

The very “stone” that is located in the house of the Lord, on the corner (Psalms 118:19-26) i.e. the Black Stone (Al-Ḥajaru al-Aswad ) which is located on the corner of Kaaba and is known as the Iraqi Corner, and it refers to the coming of the Savior and Redeemer from Iraq.

The very one who will lift up the banner (Isaiah 5:26).”

With blessings



  1. They are not “giving reasons from the Bible” they are simply citing a list of Biblical sources that neither advance nor prove his claim. However, having said that, if your friend wishes to believe that Ahmed Alhasen is the messenger of Elijah I don’t think that he needs to be proved wrong. It will soon become completely apparent that Ahmed Alhasen is not the messenger of Elijah and at that point your friend won’t need to be convinced.

    Best wishes from the Team