Should Christians Support Israel?


With everything going on right now I have a question. Many Christians believe that we are supposed to support Israel and the Jewish people in there taking back the Holy lands of the Old Testament. Do Jewish people care wether or not Christians fight along side them? Do the Jewish people look at Christians as fools who believe in a false and failed profit who by there blood lines and or conversion to Christianity ( which from my understanding is a sin worthy of death for a Jew and a violation of one of the 3 main commandments ) is completely impossible and that no Christian will ever enter into the kingdom of God? And what do Jewish people think about Christians and there belief that they must defend and back the nation of Israel and the Israeli people?



  1. Should Christians support Israel? Perhaps the real question should be, “How can Christians not support Israel?” More than that, how can any Western democracy that thinks of itself as cultured and liberal not support Israel? How is it conceivable that after been confronted with incontrovertible evidence of the bestial acts that the Hamas terrorists perpetrated, that any Christian could possible imagine that there is no religious, moral or ethical imperative to support Israel in this time of existential danger?

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