Seudat Brit Milah


According to Halacha: A) can a Seudat Brit be combined with Seudat Yom Tov or Seudat Shabbat? B) can the bread for it be Pat Palter or Pat Akum?



  1. 1. Yes, there is no problem with combining a Seudas Bris Milah with a Shabbos or Yom Tov Seudah.

    2. If the people making the seudah are not careful about only eating Pas Yisrael, then they may do so for a Seudas Mitzvah as well. Why they would want to make a Seudas Mitzvah, of all things, using Pas Palter if there is Pas Yisrael available, is difficult to understand.

    Best wishes from the Team