Order of Non-Wool Tallit and Tefillin


The Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 25 rules you should put a Tallit on before tefillin, this is based on the principle of Tadir, mitzvot which are more common take precedence, generally. However, if one holds that a tallit made of material which is neither wool nor linen is only rabbinically obligated in Tzitzit, then which comes first, the Tallit or tefillin, as tefillin are a biblical law and this view holds that this Tallit is only a rabbinic law.



  1. I would assume that the correct procedure would be to put on Tefillin first and only then a Tallis made of a natural material other than wool or linen. In truth, the only Talleisim that I have ever seen that are not made of wool are silk ones. All the silk Talleisim that I saw were all too small and were Halachically problematic.

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