Lashon Harah and Noahides


By Halacha, is Lashon harah about noahides prohibited? I ask partially since I recently saw two older (jewish) individuals who I recall face to face confronted (aggressively) a young gentile who tried wearing a kittel to a Yom Kippur service I attended (he apparently had permission from the rabbi of the shul, so they were offended and I believe gossiped until they forced him to take it off lest he be kicked out), was such behavior against Halacha?



  1. There is no prohibition against speaking Lashon Harah about a non-Jew but it is not recommended. The Midrash Shocher Tov explains that a person might become accustomed to speaking Lashon Hara and speak about a Jew.

    However, I think that the people involved did transgress the basic requirement to treat people with respect. It sounds, according to your description, as if their interaction with him was completely inappropriate.

    Best wishes from the Team