Selichot / Tehillim 27


Hello, I am Aschkenz but I pray by עדות המיזרח / Sefaradi.
I have came to know that from ראש חודש אלול till יום כיפור –
תהילים כ”ז is recited twice a day; once after שחרית and once in the evening, for 40 days.
My question is what if I missed a day ? Is it still counted?? Or what should be done?
Also, what סליחות are meant to be recited each day, and until when? (Nusach Sfaradim is preferred) .

Thank you



  1. Yes, it is definitely still counted! It is a custom to recite L’David Hashem twice a day but it is not an obligation like reciting the Shema. In all events, if you forget to say it you can add it in at the end of Mincha.

    The Selichot are too extensive to list in this format. The simplest thing to do is to find a Sefardic Selichot and to follow the order that appears in there.

    Best wishes from the Team