Selichot and Kibud Av


If a father tells his son specifically not to say Slichot, what should be done and how – if the answer is to daven anyway, what are ways to lie in regards to telling parent(s) about praying if asked?



  1. It is a little difficult to answer your question without knowing how old you are and why your father seems to be so against your reciting Selichot. There could be a significant difference in the answer depending if you are over the age of Bar Mitzvah or not. In any event, I am not sure that it is permissible to lie outright under any circumstances. However, it would be permissible to tell your father that you did not recite Selichot if you miss out any section of it. In that way you are not lying to him, as you did not recite a complete version of Selichot.

    Best wishes from the Team