Refund for Milk-Meat Mixture


By mistake, I purchased something that is not kosher that contains both dairy and meat in the ingredients. If I return it for a refund, I will receive money, which is a benefit for me. Is that considered deriving forbidden benefit from dairy and meat?



  1. Unfortunately, there is not enough information to be able to answer your question accurately. In order to give a definitive ruling, it is important to know what the mixture actually is made from and how it was made (i.e. if the meat and the milk were cooked together or if they were simply mixed together). If you would like to let “Just Ask!” know, we will be happy to try and answer your question.

    Best wishes from the Team

  2. They are cheddar crackers that list beef fat as an ingredient. They are found in the store next to another brand of cheddar crackers that are kosher that have similar looking packaging, and I picked up the wrong box by mistake.

  3. To me it sounds as if you are out of luck. if the beef fat has been mixed together with the cheese but it was not cooked together there is room to be lenient. But because, at the the very least, they were baked to together I think that it is correct to just throw them away.

    Best wishes from the Team