Delivering Non-Kosher Food to Jews


I became a DoorDash driver because I have to make money somehow. I don’t really have any other options. This job has flexible hours and allows me to take off for Shabbos and Yom Tov without a hassle. I didn’t think it would be a problem if I did it in areas of town without Jewish populations. But it’s happened to me a few times already that I’ve picked up food from a non-kosher restaurant, then delivered it to the home of someone with a name that doesn’t sound Jewish, only to find a mezuzah on their door. This is more common than I ever imagined. And I know I’m not supposed to help Jewish people eat treif.



  1. While I truly empathize with your dilemma, it is absolutely forbidden to deliver any non-Kosher food to Jews. However, there may be an additional problem of delivering non-Kosher food to non-Jews if the food is meat and milk. There is a prohibition against a Jew getting benefit from meat and milk that was cooked together. By being paid to deliver the food, you would be getting benefit from the meat and milk that were cooked together, which would be forbidden.

    Best wishes from the Team